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Stock screeners

What are the stock screeners?

A stock screener is a tool or software program that helps investors and traders filter and narrow down a list of stocks based on specific criteria and parameters. It allows users to search for stocks that meet their investment or trading preferences. Stock screeners are commonly used by individuals and professionals in the financial industry to identify potential investment opportunities.

How they work and what they can do:

Filtering Criteria: Users can set various filtering criteria, such as market capitalization, price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, dividend yield, industry sector, technical indicators, and more. These criteria can be tailored to match specific investment strategies or goals.

Search and Sort: After specifying the criteria, the stock screener scans a database of stocks and generates a list of stocks that meet the specified criteria. Users can usually sort the results based on various factors like price, volume, or performance.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis: Stock screeners can incorporate both technical and fundamental analysis parameters. For example, you can search for stocks that have broken through a moving average or have a low debt-to-equity ratio.

Customization: Stock screeners often allow users to save and reuse their customized screens for future searches. This is helpful for regularly monitoring stocks that meet specific criteria.

Real-Time or Delayed Data: The availability of real-time or delayed data depends on the specific screener and the associated costs. Real-time data is crucial for day traders and short-term investors, while others may be satisfied with delayed data.

Alerts: Some stock screeners offer alert features that notify users when stocks meet their specified criteria. This can be particularly useful for traders who need to react quickly to market developments.

Charting and Analysis: In addition to filtering, some stock screeners provide charting tools and additional technical and fundamental analysis, allowing users to conduct more in-depth research on the stocks that interest them


Stock screeners are valuable tools for various types of investors, from those looking for long-term investments to those engaged in short-term trading. They help investors save time and effort by quickly identifying stocks that match their investment strategy, and they can be a critical part of the research process when selecting stocks for a portfolio.

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